ND Governmental Law

North Dakota Governmental Law

School Districts
We have represented and advised North Dakota school districts for over 30 years.  We helped organize the North Dakota Council of School Attorneys and are members of the National School Boards Association Council of School Attorneys.

School districts are regulated by both state and federal law.  We provide advice on personnel matters, student and family privacy issues, special education, open meetings and records laws and the many other issues that schools face from time to time.  We help school boards and administrators prepare board policies and procedures that comply with education laws and regulations.

As bond counsel, we assist school districts with building projects and finance issues.  We prepare the documents necessary for school bond elections and school bond issues.  We advise school districts on alternative financing methods.

Cities and Park Districts
Arntson Stewart Wegner PC serves as special counsel to cities to organize improvement districts and levy special assessments.  As bond counsel, we prepare the bond documents necessary to finance the improvements.  We help park districts finance the construction and improvement of their facilities through the issuance of bonds and tax-exempt leases.

We have served as bond counsel for many counties throughout North Dakota.  Counties, from time to time, need to finance road projects, a building addition or renovation or other improvements.  When new financing programs affect counties, such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, we take the time to explain the programs to county officials to help them understand the program and the benefits to their county.